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Totum cleaning series is totally Organic & Bio-Degradable. Each product is suitable for any type of surface and for meeting the specific purposes of cleaning.

Building Solution 
Floor cleaning Agent
kitchen cleaning Agent 

Totum Product catalogue 

Totum H-1

Totum H-1 cleaning Agent for bathroom and toilet surface


Totum H-2 cleaning Agent for hard surface

Totum H-3

Totum H-3 cleaning agent for glass and mirror

Totum H-5

Totum H-5 Air freshener for bathroom and toilet surface.

Totum H-6

Totum H-6 cleaning agent for toilet bowls and urinals.

Totum H-4

Totum H-4 Polishing agent for glass and mirror


Totum H-7 cleaning agent for stainless steel and metal.


Totum H-8 Dishwash gel


Totum H-9 Hard water Stain remover

Totum H-11

Totum H-11 for carpet cleaner

Totum H-12

Totum H-12 for Handwash

Totum H-10

Totum H-10 Liquid Deterget

H-13 wooden shini

Totum H-13 for wooden product shiner

Totum H-14

Totum H-14 for Leather Cleaner

Totum H-15

Totum H-15 for Carpet Shampoo

S-1 Fumigant

Fumigant is a method of controlling Germs, microbes, pests.

Totum S-3

Totum S-3 for Home Sanitizer

Totum S2 Hand rub

Describetotum hand rub

Totum S-4

Totum S-4 Multi Protect

Totum S-5

Totum S-5 Sprink MX

Totum S-6

Totum S-6 Veg Sanitizer

Totum S-7

Totum S-7 Surface Disinfetant

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