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Woman Cleaning Furniture

Distributor Marketing Campaign Toolkits:

Created for our distribution partners. Click to "Download" option to download our catalogs and our all product details for marketing materials, sales flyers, social media images and web banners.

TOTUM Partner Portal:

The Partner Portal gives you easy access to view your Locations, Contracts, Pricing, and the ability to build orders which you can copy and send to TOTUM Customer Service and helpline Number.

TOTUM Natural Turnover Recovery Brochure:

We configure how we can help you with getting back to business after a natural disaster occurs. Our brochure outlines what to clean and sanitize, how to begin cleaning facilities, equipment, and 3 easy steps to remember when cleaning up. Our customer service is also all time available for any kind of training and details about cleaning and for the knowledge about our products.

Distributor policy from 

click here, and fill up the distribution policy from .

Cleaning the Windows
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