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Window Cleaners

A Systematic way to Cleaning 

The design and appearance of hard surfaces, floors is one of the most important in the overall appearance of a building’s interior design. At this time people were failure to maintain floors and surfaces properly, which causes rapid decline and expensive replacement or maintenance costs. The difficulty for people is how to get the desired results for the appearance, maintenance, protection, and safety with the reduction of budgets, shortages of staff, and no time waste products as well as processes.

We have developed totally complete, simple, and easy to apply solutions to provide all answers to all questions and queries about cleaning and hygiene processes. Our products offer you consists of daily basis cleaners for all surface of your premises; powerful heavy-duty cleaners for together jobs and specialties for different types of dirt and stains and also different type of hygiene requirements that is good for your health.

Combined with the right tools, equipment, and services our TOTUM solutions help optimize performance and profitability of your operation so you can focus on your core business:

·      Profitable Growth - The lifeblood of your business. TOTUM provides solutions that help you acquire new clients, optimize existing contracts, expand services and enter new markets, positioning you for success.

·      Working Capital Optimization - Managing economic resources is vital to a profitable bottom line. TOTUM helps you streamline purchasing, reduce inventory and minimize your equipment maintenance costs. Cash flow is critical to your growth so we’re driven to help you optimize your spending.

·      Reduced Operational Costs - The TOTUM integrated portfolio of solutions is designed to use less, waste less, and cost less.  We look at the entire cost of cleaning from labor to supplies, quality and capital. Every step of the way we help make your operations leaner, greener, and more cost-efficient.

·      People Performance & Safety - Getting the best out of your people and keeping them safe is what separates the good from the great in the service industry. TOTUM takes safety seriously and designs products, training, and support to help prevent injuries before they can occur.

·      Sustainability - Sustainability is about the triple bottom line of people, planet, and profit. It’s about balance. It’s been our business focus at TOTUM for a long time. Everyday concerns such as indoor air quality, green cleaning mandates, and environmental impact are rapidly gaining traction and influencing purchasing decisions.  We help you not just respond but lead.

·      Continuous Innovation - Supply partners should bring you new ideas to improve and grow your business. TOTUM is a world leader in building care solutions and has broad industry expertise in healthcare, retail, food service, hospitality, food manufacturing, packaging, and more.  Lean on us for the market knowledge, product systems, methodologies, and support to help you move faster on the pathway to profitable growth.


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