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Why You Should use Totum Organic Dishwash gel

How do you feel when you see the dirty dishes load in your sink? We all are want to safe and clean with fragrance products when it comes to our dish cleaning product range, aren’t we? We talk about Dishwash gel so our Indian mothers always want their kids to be safe as possible- when it comes to kitchen.

Totum organic always provides organic product that’s why started a mission that making sure to no mother worries about the product which they are using for there family. we believe in organic cleaning products. Totum organic always made sure that the ingredients used in our cleaner are completely organic, safe for the environment, kids, and pets.

Chemical cleaning product side effects:

In the market, we see many variants of color dishwasher gel, but we have also seen their side effect such as -

Skin Harm due to Dishwashing

Most half Indians have sensitive skin. We all know that Dishwashing soap is one of the culprits of dry skin because most Dishwash cleaning agents are not organic sources and also removing softness and natural moisturizing from the top layer of our skin. So this is the main cause of Redness, bumps, and severe skin erosion.

Chemical Ingredients and Hard Substance

In the Indian market, most dishwashing products take on excessive chemicals and toxin elements. All are justified as dishwashing and cleaning agents, but half of them are maybe Harmful chemicals and it is natural no one wants to use Harmful Chemicals in their utensils. So what to do? Always check the labels of products and make sure they are organic or not? No matter what product is it.

Products Wrong promises

Most Dishwashing gel and Soap might offer you lemon power but it will bleach out the natural oil of your skin rather than actual dire in your dishes. We all that how bad is blech and what type of effect we get from the bleach? So it’s important as aware citizens to carefully examine media massage and choose the products that are right for you and also safe environments.

Why Totum Organic Dishwash Gel is Unique

We always aim to make product which is environment friendly, kid and pet friendly. With a lot of thinking, ideation, Research we make totum organic cleaning range. Each and every product was made with the mindset of a mom, as a concerned parent and eco-friendly lover. We are always honest about what materials we put in our Totum organic cleaning agent.

Our totum organic H-series range’s H-8 is eco-friendly, organic dishwashing liquid is Glittering clean goodness in a bottle. It maintained PH level, Hypoallergenic, and also leaving no chemical remnants on your utensils. We care about your health and skin also that’s why we made our cleaning agents which are naturally derived.

Old Myth about Cleaning Agent

In our country, it’s a myth is only chemicals can truly clean your indoor place and your utensils. That’s wrong, nature’s power is abundance when you use the right element. The cleaning agent we make that’s are powered by nature and get the grimes on your unwashed, dirty dishes and leaving clean utensils which are safe.

Getting Natural Aroma

If you know about organic products for a while, then you know that organic products provide natural smells. Our totum organic Dishwash gel provides natural aroma which cleans your Dirty dishes and also provides fragrance that can refresh you. Our totum organic cleaning agent is also certified by Organic. With the fresh aroma of Lemon in our Dishwashing Liquid that makes sure to you, Dishwashing is your next favorite hobby.

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